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Recap of M.A.P. (Mobility Ambassador Program) Transportation Seminar

Kelly Brady, County Commissioner, City of Centennial and four Commissioners came to Bella Vita to inform us of many the options of transportation available for us. Uber and Lyft are the big winners for your pocket-book and availability. They are individual car owners that go through background checks, vehicle checks and more.

Then Kelly and her team offered one-on-one sessions with those who wanted to add either “app” to their tablet or smartphone. If you need help with this app, come down to see us and we will do our best to assist you.

Are you still unsure of the safety using Uber and Lyft? Kelly said that one of the commissioners would be happy to go with you on your first ride! Just ask your Concierge and we will set that up with Kelly’s team. Also, ask your kids and grandkids about these services…they probably have an opinion – I know both of mine use Uber all the time!

Don’t have a smartphone or tablet? There is a site called “GoGoGrandparent” that is a “third” party that can contact Uber for you. Just set up an account with them and they will get it done. There is a fee for this but it’s worth it if you don’t have a smartphone or computer! Here’s their phone 1-855-464-6872.

Good to have options – here’s a few more:

RTDAccess-A-Ride (you will need to qualify annually) call 303-299-2960 for an application

SRC 303-235-6972

If you’d like this information in print, stop by the Concierge desk for a copy.